Bondi Outdoor Leadership is committed to teaching and drawing out the best leadership qualities in people that will benefit them in all areas of recreation, career, and life.

We operate courses in Golden, CO, and throughout the Front Range.


Rock Climbing Courses and Certifications

Great climbers don’t necessarily make great teachers.

It’s one thing to know something well, yet the ability to disseminate that information with clarity to others is something entirely different. We ensure that our staff aren’t just great climbers, but great teachers as well. Our background leading higher education outdoor classes and professional guiding has taught us the do’s and don’ts of facilitating outdoor learning experiences.

We are committed to building proficient leaders. We do this by providing high level courses designed to teach leadership skills and the best climbing techniques available. We are a certified AMGA SPI Provider and strive to be the best in everything we do. We are dedicated to teaching skills to you rather than at you. Our highly trained staff have decades of experience and have been around the crag enough to answer any question you might have. If you are serious about rock climbing, be assured that our courses will help you climb to the next level.

Don’t want to be a full-time instructor but are still interested in learning from the best? Perfect! We strongly believe that the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor course should be the foundational pillar of any climbing career. If you want to take your friends, family, or co-workers climbing, you will greatly benefit from our AMGA SPI curriculum that will equip you to deal with nearly every possible situation you’ll encounter in a single-pitch environment.


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We consult for a wide range of businesses and programs. We do everything from assessing operational risk management procedures and best practices to leadership and team building focused retreats. If you operate a climbing wall or outdoor climbing/rappeling, allow us to train your seasonal staff. Our certified instructors are skilled teachers who would love to engage with your summer instructors. Functioning as an independent resource, we can help you ensure that your staff follow current industry best practices and cut dangerous and outdated habits out of your program. The phrases, “but this is how we’ve always done it,” “eh, good enough,” or “I think so,” won’t cut it with us. Let us make sure your staff mitigates risk proficiently. Regular professional training is key for you to ensure that you’re giving your clients and customers the best experience possible.

There’s no better place to facilitate team-building exercises than in the outdoors. Adventure experiences give real-time feedback on individual leadership and group growth skills.

Our team-building facilitator has a masters degree in organizational leadership and is versed in current leadership theories and practice, facilitating team building, problem solving, communication, and group development. These programs are tailored to your organization so that we can ensure that your specific needs are met and exceeded.

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